Interface Condition Monitoring: a superb, unique service providing a multi-skilled approach to plant monitoring, saving you time and money.

Our experienced engineers are trained in every aspect of Condition Monitoring - allowing the same consultant to visit irrespective of the survey type. They’re also equipped with every type of monitoring equipment - a capability unique within the UK.

This multi-skilled approach allows us to survey each plant item for ALL possible faults on each visit: a single engineer can monitor a key plant, take bearing vibration readings, oil samples from the gearbox, a thermal survey of the panel and an acoustic survey to slow speed bearings – all during the same survey. He can also analyse all the data and produce the report for you; providing continuity from start to finish and guaranteeing an unparalleled level of service.

An integrated approach to machine health: -

A Unique Approach

Multi-Skilled Engineers

Locating More Potential Faults

Mixed Technology Surveying

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Reduce your costs

Call us at Interface Condition Monitoring Ltd and let us demonstrate the savings that can be realised from our Integrated Approach to Machine Health today.

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