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An Integrated Approach To Machine Health

Oil Analysis is one of the most widely applied Condition Monitoring techniques.

Most plants have some sort of overall lubrication strategy that will certainly involve selection and purchasing from a number of suppliers and may include some form of oil sampling and analysis. But have you applied your strategy effectively for your particular plant and problems?

Oil analysis will:

Find any mechanical wear

What part of the machine is wearing? How bad is it? What should be done about it?

Find any contamination in the oil

Is there abrasive dust in the oil? Or water in the oil? Have seals failed allowing process materials or coolant to leak into the oil?

Find changes in oil chemistry

Is oil fit for continued use? Or the right oil being used? How long until it needs to be changed?

Oil Analysis can be applied across:

  • Hydraulic systems
  • Rolling Element bearings
  • Journal bearings
  • Gears
  • Engines

By using a critical approach to lubricant selection and utilising the latest oil analysis and reporting techniques, we can predict machine failures reducing downtime.

Our tests include:

Elemental spectroscopy

Automatic WDA (e.g.Ferrous Density)

Analytical WDA(Analytical Ferrography)

Particle Counting with Size Distribution

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy

Crackle to screen for water contamination

Titration (Karl Fisher, TAN, and TBN)

40c, 100c viscosity & viscosity index

Expert analysis

Our Services

Thermology Thermography
Ultra Sonic Leak Detection Ultra Sonic Leak Detection
Vibration Monitoring Vibration Monitoring

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