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An Integrated Approach To Machine Health

A Unique Approach

At Interface Condition Monitoring we focus on delivering a superb, unique service to our many clients - from SME's to multi-nationals. There are no gimmicks, we don't operate as re-sellers and we have no ties to any industry partners. Our full attention is where we believe it should be: on our customers.

Multi-Skilled Engineers

We ensure that each of our engineers is trained and experienced in all aspects of Condition Monitoring - a unique offering that improves our service to clients. It allows the same consultant to visit the site each time - irrespective of the survey type - building a closer relationship with you. It also means that our engineers are always equipped with every type of monitoring equipment for every type of survey - again a unique offering in the Condition Monitoring market. This enables us to re-test repaired plant or take additional measurements on troublesome items that may not be on our regular survey.

Locating More Potential Faults

This multi-skilled approach allows us to survey each plant item for all possible faults on each visit: what's the point in knowing that a key plant item won't let you down due to a faulty motor when the gearbox or panel fails the next day? The result is the same - the plant is stood and you lose production. Our multifaceted service helps to avoid these types of common scenarios.

The Benefits Of Mixed Technology Surveys

Mixed technology surveys form the root of our approach - and we're the only Condition Monitoring company in the country offering total plant protection via mixed technology surveys. This is an unrivalled service: a single engineer can monitor key plant, take vibration readings, oil samples and an acoustic survey – all during the same visit. He can also analyse all the data and produce the report for you; providing continuity from start to finish and guaranteeing an unparalleled level of service.

Recent Projects

At ICM we are passionate about providing an excellent service - proof of which can be seen in our Case Studies which illustrate in detail recent, successful monitoring projects. You can find these here.

Our Services

Oli Analysis Services Oil Analysis
Thermology Thermography
Ultra Sonic Leak Detection Ultra Sonic Leak Detection
Vibration Monitoring Vibration Monitoring

Reduce your costs

Call us at Interface Condition Monitoring Ltd and let us demonstrate the savings that can be realised from our Integrated Approach to Machine Health today.

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