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Thermal Imaging or Thermography is a technique that "looks" at the infra-red heat signature produced by different materials and across their surfaces. By viewing the normal environment in the Infra Red spectrum, it is possible to "see" the heat being generated in and given off by machines, electrical connectors, heat exchangers, ducting, structures, and even people!

Thermography is carried out using a thermal imaging camera and the survey is completely non-intrusive. In most cases it can be completed without any disruption to your process.

Thermal imaging scans detect:

• Loose and damaged electrical components
• Under rated cables
• Damaged bearings
• Heat loss from insulation
• Poorly insulated buildings and services
• Steam Leaks
• Electrical defects in motors

As always our reports are produced on site, with results immediately available to you. These results and recommendations can then be discussed with you during the survey. This enables us to correct faults and check that the action taken has been successful on the same day.

If the application that you require is not listed above, please call to discuss your particular requirements. You should think of thermal imaging as a technique to pick up the heat difference in any system.

The technique is so versatile that it has even been applied to such diverse problems as damaged ligaments in athletes!

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