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An Integrated Approach To Machine Health

Vibration Monitoring and analysis stand as a cornerstone in many CBM programs due to the flexibility and the accuracy of the technique at detecting a multitude of machinery and plant problems. From simple bearing defects to detailed structural analysis it is fair to say that 90% of all machine or plant problems can be detected by some kind of vibration technique.

Of course it takes skill and experience to select the correct combination of sensor, sensor location, hardware, hardware filtering and processing, software and reporting to detect, analyse, identify and correct your particular problem. With over 10 years experience in Condition Monitoring and the most up to date hardware and software available on the market Interface Condition Monitoring Ltd have the right combination to help you. We can help you detect and correct many types of faults on any type of plant

By integrating vibration measurements and analysis into your maintenance program it is possible to:

Avoid unplanned production outages

• Reduce plant downtime

• Plan maintenance actions more accurately

• Schedule your maintenance manpower more efficiently

• Increase operator safety

• Reduce insurance premiums

We detect and correct many types of faults on any type of plant including:

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A common problem on many sites that can be costly and dangerous. By detecting unbalance and correcting it at an early stage you reduce the stress in the system and the possibility of failure. This leads to longer bearing life, reduced maintenance and smoother operation.


Misalignment is a common defect that too often goes undetected. If a machine is not correctly aligned at installation when does your planned maintenance schedule say that you should check it again? Does it at all? Misalignment can be very destructive but can be simply and reliably detected through vibration analysis.

Bearing defects

(rolling element and journal)

The most common component to fail in machinery is the bearings. This is because they are designed to be the weak link in the system and to fail before more expensive components are damaged. However if the bearing is left to fail and is not detected the cost of secondary damage often dwarfs the cost of replacing the bearings. By monitoring the defects in your bearings it is possible for you to schedule routine maintenance at times to suit you that will prolong your bearing and machine life.

Gear defects

It is possible to monitor the condition of the mating gear faces in a gearbox through vibration analysis, giving a picture of damage and wear. This can be carried out on multiple shaft gearboxes to identify the damaged gear from all the other gears in the box. This allows early action to be taken that can reduce or avoid damage to the other gears and bearings from wear debris being transported around the box.


A common problem that is often difficult to detect. Resonance can be extremely destructive if present in a system. Often responsible for the “that machine has always been a problem” syndrome, resonance once detected can often very simply be removed from the system resulting in a significant reduction in vibration.

Lubrication problems

Monitoring machine vibration can tell you about the condition, level and suitability of lubrication. By detecting high frequency spikes in the signal we can detect under lubrication, over lubrication and improper lubrication specification. This alone can often reduce the amount of machinery problems significantly.

By sampling a range of frequencies and applying post processing it is possible for us to see inside your machines and to accurately diagnose their condition. We do this non intrusively whilst the machine is in production and our measurement technique means that your production never misses a beat. From the on-site reports that we generate it is possible for you to immediately see the condition of your machines and if necessary to schedule immediate work to them. We will stay on-site whilst this work is done and re-test any machines that we feel are in danger of failure until we are happy that a possible catastrophy has been avoided.

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